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Sallie Mae-Westwood Diploma Mill Federal Student Loan Fraud #1

COMPLAINT #1 (Office of Inspector General / Department of Education) “Anyone suspecting fraud, waste or abuse involving Department of Education funds or programs should call or write the Inspector General’s Hotline.. OIG Fraud Hotline” ~ ed.gov Sallie Mae was the _only_ financial lender involved in the diploma mill fraud… and now ask Congress for a…

Student Loan Television: The Freecast on Free Stuff Friday

How to use Google Reader to find lots of free stuff on the Internet Find the student loan that is right for you

What is a reputable debt consolidation company?

kittygirl128 asked: I fell behind on my credit cards when I had an emergency medical expense. Even though I have a steady job and income, they’ve raised the payments and dropped the limits so there’s no chance I’ll catch up. I want to do debt consolidation but most companies Google brings me are a scam….