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What Do I need to Qualify for Debt Consolidation Loan?

Ivan S asked: Not credit counseling, but debt consolidation loan. Can’t find any good info on the web, so your educated opinion would be helpful. What are credit requirements, home equity requirement, debt service ratio and other factors? If you know a good resource that would be very helpful as well!! Thanks. Debt consolidation loans

Do you have to own a home in order to take out a debt consolidation loan?

MartinVLee3 asked: I would like to consolidate my debt and have seen information on debt consolidation loans. I do not own a home but am interested in consolidating my debt. What options do I have? Get a debt consolidation loan now

Student Loan Debt Consolidation

Learn about student loan debt consolidation, student loan debt forgiveness, debt consolidation loans, and student loan consolidation. www.christianet.com Find the student loan that is right for you

Debt Consolidation – Introduction to Debt Reduction Services

This video offers an introduction to Debt Reduction Services inc. and the services provided. Todd Christensen, The Director of Education for DRS and the National Financial Education Center also offers financial tips in this video. Please call 1-877-688-3328 for more information regarding DRS. Educational services are available at no cost to you. Get a debt…

Debt Consolidation & Management : Disadvantages of Consolidating Credit Cards

After consolidating credit cards, a person is still at a disadvantage because they have to pay off the debt, and credit card companies will notice that this person is in trouble. Find out how credit card consolidation can hurt a credit score withhelp from the owner of a debt negotiation company in this free video…