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Can I transfer my auto loan from one bank to my personal bank that I bank at?

randy j asked: I went through a dearlership to purchase a new vehicle a year ago. They go thru a certain bank to finace the loan. What I would like to do is take the auto loan from bank “A” and transfer the auto loan to my own personal bank “B” where I bank at….

Personal Loan for Bad Credit: a Perfect Financial Panacea

What is the first thing noticed by the lender when you apply for the bank loan? Yes it’s the credit score. Being a good creditor is always helpful from both the lender’s and borrower’s perspective. But what about the bad credit history people? Their application is often rejected. The reason being their poor credit score…

What are the requirements for a used auto loan through bank of america?

Sara B asked: What are the requirements that would allow someone to be approved for a bank of america used auto loan as far as model year, income, credit score, etc? Research Competitive Auto Loans Here