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How does a self-employed person apply for an auto loan?

trulve asked: I have just applied for an auto loan at a credit union in order to get a low interest rate. Problem is they keep saying I have insufficient income because they only look at my schedule C gross income which is after business expenses are deducted. Shouldn’t they be looking at the big…

Are there any companies that will give a $15000 auto loan to somebody with bad credit?

Rhoda R asked: My credit is not so good because of a house i owned years back and i need an auto loan. I can afford to pay about $600 per month for the loan.. Any companies will approve me that you guys know of? Look for auto loans online

How much does a small used auto loan impact my credit?

beetle1283 asked: I am about to buy a 2003 Honda Civic from my uncle for approximately $10,000. I had intentions of putting down 5,000 or 6,500 dollars (depending on what I sell my current car for) and take out a small auto loan for the remaing 3,500 or 5,000 for about 36 months. The rates…

Auto Loan program

Short personal outline of how the auto loan no credit check program works Apply for an Auto Loan