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What Is The Lowest Auto Loan Refinance Company Out There?

rita s asked: I am trying to refinance my Mazda car and currently, I am making a payment of $300 a month. What company has the lowest auto loan refinance interest rate? Needs to be available to Florida residents and it does not matter if it is an online company only. Thank you. Checkout auto…

Can I transfer my auto loan from one bank to my personal bank that I bank at?

randy j asked: I went through a dearlership to purchase a new vehicle a year ago. They go thru a certain bank to finace the loan. What I would like to do is take the auto loan from bank “A” and transfer the auto loan to my own personal bank “B” where I bank at….

How much does your credit score increase when you pay off an auto loan?

Lisa D asked: The last time I viewed my credit report, it did not have my auto loan as paid off. I had paid it off about a week before my credit report was pulled. Does anyone know how much that will increase my credit score? My FICO score was 545 and I am wondering…