Debt Elimination Using a Personal Loan

If you application for a personal loan has been successful, congratulations. For many people, the acceptance of an application could mean anything from new furniture in the home to a family holiday. But by far the most common use of the funding generated from a personal loan is debt consolidation. Personal loans provide the cash to pay off existing debt, which leaves the borrower with just one monthly payment to make to one debtor.

Having only this one monthly payment can be very beneficial. Not only can it improve your credit rating, especially in the case of individuals who have used their personal loan to pay off credit card debts, but it is also very common for this new monthly payment to be less than what the borrower was paying before, sometimes by a very significant margin.

If you have not yet applied for the elusive personal loan that could consolidate your existing debt, then you are in the right place. Here I will share some helpful advice with you that may convince you that a personal loan is not the way to go. On the flip side however, the information here may sway you away from continuing your monthly payments and towards the personal loan solution.

Firstly, before applying, you need to know how much the debt you have at the moment is going to cost you. There are many free online calculators allowing you to calculate the total cost of your debts. You will want to work out the total balance due now, as that will be how much the personal loan you are applying for will need to amount to. You will also want to remember the total cost column, in other words the total cost of your debt should you continue to make your monthly payments. Often, the loan you are taking out will wind up costing you more than you would be paying if you continued with your current payments, and in this situation you may want to reconsider.

If the numbers are right, and you have been convinced that the personal loan is the way to go, it is now time to consider why you are in debt in the first place. Many times, the debt that borrowers have gotten into was out with their control. However, others get into debt by means of poor money management. If this is you, and you feel that your poor spending habits and inability to budget have gotten you into your financial difficulty, then perhaps it may be time to enroll in a budgeting or money management class. Thee classes, which can be found online or offline will offer a series of exercises helping you to understand the concepts of budgeting and money management, and hopefully change your spending habits in order to avoid future debt.

It is important that you fully understand the responsibility of taking out a personal loan before you do so. If you do not change your spending habits and learn to manage your money properly, taking out a personal loan can often lead to further financial difficulties. If you feel that you have made these changes, and can handle the personal loan monthly repayments, then good luck, and congratulations on consolidating your debt.


By: Laurence Gibson

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